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Süd- und Ostharz

  • Burgruine Arnstein

  • Bergwerksbahn bei Mansfeld

  • Haldenaufforstung bei Helbra

  • Stadt Stolberg (Harz) und Schloss

  • Rammelburg bei Mansfeld

  • Bergwerkshalden bei Hettstedt

  • Talsperre Kelbra Campingplatz

  • Europa-Rosarium Sangerhausen

  • Schmalspurstrecke im Harz

The Südöstliche Harzvorland region is characterized by a unique landscape in both positive and negative ways. Along the Southern edge of the Harz mountains stretches the narrow belt of the gypsum karst landscape called Südharz. Over several thousand years, the bedrock in this region was exposed to unique solution processes which came to transform it into the home of karst phenomena of unmatched density and diversity. The marginal farming use of this area ensured undisturbed development of an extensive mosaic of distinct habitats: low-nutrient meadows, red beech forests, steep gypsum slopes, vegetated bedrock, spring swamps, sinkholes, and dry valleys. However, the Südharz is also scarred by the mining of this sulphate karst. The Biosphere Reserve status of the "Karstlandschaft Südharz" is hoped to prevent such damage to this unparalleled piece of natural heritage. The Eastern foothills of the Harz have a similar history. The gently undulating and varied landscape is characterized by wide river valleys, open scenery and visible marks of centuries-old copper ore mining. Vegetated small dirt dumps dating from the early days, vast planar dumps, and the striking pyramids, visible from afar, are the results of this past activity. Today, they offer ideal dry meadow conditions to a unique and rich vegetation of colorful flowers, wild strawberries and orchids. Between Nordhausen and Sangerhausen, where Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt meet, is where the Goldene Aue ist situated, a rift zone featuring unique flora and fauna. The regions main cities are Lutherstadt Eisleben, Sangerhausen and Stolberg (Harz).

Landkreis Mansfeld-Südharz
Landkreis Nordhausen (Thuringia)
Südharz Tourism
Nature Park Südharz
Drehort Harz (German)
Location Magazin International 2016