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  • Windmühle Eckartsberga

  • Weinberge an der Saale

  • Kirche in Zscheiplitz

  • Weinberge an der Unstrut

  • Schlosspark Burgscheidungen

  • Freyburg

  • Landschaftsimpression bei Memleben

  • Mohnfeld und Weinhänge bei Freyburg

  • Burg Saaleck und Saaletal

The South of Saxony-Anhalt is home to a unique agricultural landscape shaped by 1,000 years of wine growing as well as by a colorful history. The Saale-Unstrut region is the northernmost wine growing region in Germany; among its most surprising features are the sunny slopes of shell limestone, terraced hills for vineyards, and ancient, marginally cultivated orchards. The wine growing hills with their small vineyard subdivisions stand out mostly due to the traditional walls made of sandstone and limestone and the great number of small vintners’ huts. The valley created by the confluence of the Saale and Unstrut rivers is located in the natural park called “Saale-Unstrut-Triasland.” This landscape, shaped by natural forces during several million years, is characterized by great structural diversity and provides room for a great number of habitats. Near-natural forests are located next to cultivated land, wetlands in the river valleys give way to dry meadows with orchids and other exotic vegetation. The Unstrut river with its many sections of pristine nature, its floodplains, steep banks and reconstructed locks boasts a most varied river landscape. The regions main cities are Naumburg and Zeitz.

Nature Park Saale-Unstrut-Triasland