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Leipzig, 30. March 2021

Two MDM-Funded Films Featured at Hot Docs Festival

Two projects realized with financial support from MDM ‑ "It Is Not Over Yet" and "Terms and Conditions" ‑ will be featured at Hot Docs, the Canadian International Documentary Festival, the biggest North American documentary film festival. It will take place not in Toronto as usual, but as an online event, from April 29 to May 9.

"It Is Not Over Yet" by Louise Detlefsen is having its world premiere in the Systems Down section. It is a moving and life-affirming film on the subject of dementia. "It is Not Over Yet" was shot in the nursing home Dagmarsrinde of Denmark, where people suffering with dementia are treated non-medically, with a therapy consisting of empathy and loving care. The German co-producer is Leipzig-based Neue Celluloid Fabrik. The distributor Weltkino is set to bring the film to German cinemas in late summer.

In addition, the film "Terms and Conditions" by Amelie Befeldt will be presented in the Shorts section. Befeldt, who is from Leipzig, took on the combined roles of director, screenwriter, cinematographer, and editor for the 20-minute film. The documentary’s protagonist is the farmer Fritz, who operates his farm in Lower Saxony in a traditional manner ‑ braving the challenges of competitive pricing, drought periods and digitalization. Meanwhile, his daughter is planning to run a side gig by selling stock footage videos of life on the farm online. The film was produced by Worklights Media Production GmbH, which is based in Saxony-Anhalt.