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German-Dutch Co-Development Fund

German-Dutch Co-Development Fund

The Netherlands Film Fund and the Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung (MDM) have established a co-development fund to jointly support script development support for original children film projects. The initiative is in line with the existing and ongoing joint efforts to enhance the co-operation between Germany and the Netherlands.

The Children’s film Co-development Fund aims to support children film projects that are potentially of high quality and of interest to cinema audiences in both countries as well as an international cinema audience. It also aims at stimulating the co-production of children’s films and to increase and encourage the development of quality and diverse audio-visual productions for children.

Support can be requested for writing of a treatment, a script, a re-write of a script or script coaching. The maximum contribution per project:
- € 10,000 for a treatment or rewrite of a script,
- € 20,000 for script development,
- € 2,500 for script coaching or a co-writer (treatment development),
- € 5,000 for script coaching or a co-writer (script development without treatment application before) or € 2,500 (with treatment application before),
- € 1,000 for translation (treatment or script development),
- € 2,500 producers fee (treatment or script development).

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