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Lausitzer Bergland - Zittauer Gebirge

  • Berg Oybin

  • Hochwald bei Johnsdorf

  • Kurort Oybin

  • Panorama vom Töpferberg

  • Schmalspurbahn beim Berg Oybin

  • Umgebindehaus bei Obercunnersdorf

  • Umgebindehaus in Jonsdorf

  • Waltersdorf

  • Waltersdorf, Blick vom Butterberg

The Western part of the Lausitzer Bergland (Lusatian highlands) is made up of a group of joint mountain ranges which is interspersed with individual granite mountains and which is referred to as the Oberlausitzer Bergland (Upper Lusatian highlands). In between all those hills and mountains, rivers meander along in picturesque valleys. In contrast, the Eastern part of Upper Lusatia and the Oberlausitzer Gefilde area are dominated by vast open stretches shaped by centuries of agricultural activity. Weirdly shaped sandstone formations and a pristine vegetation is what distinguishes the Zittauer Gebirge mountains. At elevations between 200 and 800 meters, mountain meadows alternate with dense evergreen forests. One of the region’s most unique characteristics is the Umgebindehäuser houses, a traditional vernacular building style common in the 17th to 19th century, with their wooden, arched frames, reminiscent of half-timbering, supporting the upper story.