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East Thuringia

  • Windmühle Wildenbörten

  • Plothener Teiche

  • Bei Altenburg

In Eastern Thuringia (Ostthüringen), densely wooded valleys of the Vogtland region between Greiz, Zeulenroda and Bad Köstritz contrast with wide floodplains in the Osterländisches Hügelland region around Altenburg and Schmölln. The landscape of Eastern Thuringia boasts great diversity; among its characteristic features are low mountain ranges, rolling hills, and plateau-like forested elevated plains as well as the valleys of the Saale, Wisenta, Weida and Weisse Elster rivers. This largely forested region is interspersed with numerous lakes and dams such as the Saale river dams. The Rauda river valley, sometimes referred to as Mühltal (“mill valley”), is located in the Northern Holzland (“wood land”) region, a name which is emblematic of the region’s abundant forests. The Altenburger Land is a mosaic consisting of rolling hills, valley, rivers and creeks as well as reservoirs. Some parts of this landscape are listed as state parks. Apart from these natural attractions, the landscape is characterized by castles, fortresses and quaint villages.